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The Temple Collection is a celebration of the creative process. Created entirely upon a whim and led by intuition, this collection of handmade jewellery features stunning TOHO seed beads, carefully and painstakingly crafted into pieces that are both beautiful and unique. From bold statement earrings to delicate but striking necklaces, each piece is a celebration of creativity and passion. Discover the perfect piece to add to your collection and feel it's power work upon you.


A humble little collection to celebrate our journey towards self-love. Every single piece is designed to make you feel beautiful, special, and worthy. When we take deep care of ourselves, when we gift ourselves that which our hearts desire, we discover that what we thought was a need for outer love and validation, was actually a cry from within to show up for ourselves. These pieces will remind you of the investment you have made in your own happiness, in your own worth.


Because you do deserve to feel beautiful, and you do deserve love. 

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